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ro bruhn

Love it, so expressive and what a great background

Fledgling Poet

Oh, how I yearn to create beautiful art work like you're able to...my heart aches with the desire to try. If only I had more time! Thank you for posting your creations. Some day, I will attend one of these art workshops if it's the last thing I do...

Angie Platten

Love the new pieces Katie! But oh, such sadness in these eyes! I hope they are a reflection of the one in the painting and not the one doing the painting! Hugs!


I love these,and the freeness of the painting. The texture looks so full and rich. I love these two. Do you use a modling paste?



Those eyes...simply amazing.

Catherine Witherell

I think this one looks like a little person and cute... I think it is the way the hands are held and the small flower.


Love all the work you're doing these days and I hope you're doing well. xoxo, Fran

Kathy Read

I love your work. I'm making more dolls. Thanks for your wonderful classes at Art and Soul.


a favourite!

Mary Ann

this wee soul looks like she's waiting. she also looks like she doesn't like to talk much. please tell her I'm coming over to get her for some quiet tea time up on a breezy porch in the late afternoon. i'll bring her back safe and sound when we've finished.

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