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Maija Lepore

I am really enjoying these last 4 posts. I am loving the colors and feelings I feel in your new pieces!
I know that storm.

Carla Sonheim

Yes, I see that you're "on a roll." Yay!

Judy Wise

Oh, I really really love this one. It has everything. It is perfect.

kelly snelling

it is beautiful, katie. she looks fierce. i love the set of her face. she looks determined. and that bird is so lovely. xo - k


Wow! I leave for four days, and come back to a gallery! They are WONDERFUL! My favourite is the middle child...she stole my heart right away...rich, rich expression and colours and textures.

Hope you are well... and the Dickinson poem...one of my daily breads. Love to you.


a crumb of me...that says so much about relationships and connections...fun painting...blessings, rebecca


I can't stop looking at this painting. It says so much.

Mary Ann

these paintings give my imagination plenty of room to spread out and out and out. i love that about coming here.


Beautiful, Katie!


Fabulous! I love that you're allowing your style to develop! Hope you are doing well. xoxo, Fran

Joy Logan

Katie your art always amazes me! You always go where no one else goes with it all.

Fledgling Poet

Just beautiful...perfect painting, perfect poem.

ro bruhn

Beautiful work Katie, I love the watercolour effect.


I was just about to comment on how much i love this piece when my eldest son walked in and commented that he too thought it was 'awesome'- he loves chagall and now kendrick!

alex s

Superb darling! Are you willing to part with it? :-)

I've just brewed a pot of Lavender Earl Gray...I'll set out an extra cup...

{{xo}} Monster hugs.

p/s you look gorgeous in Misty's photos. Happy happy belated birthday and I wish you a sparkling magical year ahead.


Oh my, just look at these colors! I want to skip by the tree and watch the bird fly high into the sky...


Pam Aries

This is one of my favorite poems!! your art is incredible as always..and you are a great inspiration!


Katie! This new series/direction is quite inspiring. The energy, flow, action of all the pieces travels in a wonderful narrative. The face is quite intriguing. The use of the color on the cheeks emphasizes the expression of the eyes. I could go on and on...I can't wait to see what you do next! xoxoxoxooxoxo

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