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l.o.ve this, katie!

liz elayne

oh my goodness katie - this is beautiful. i love her. and your words...wow, wow, wow.

Catherine Witherell

Wonderful face, colors and shading! Also the little flower pattern and the way she holds her arms. Fairy cutie-pie!

Sharon at Norah'S

This one is pure magic Katie. "...currents of breath" such beautiful imagery.
Beautiful face

Judy Wise

I love her too! That little arm gets me. So tender.


oh i do love earth angel...she is so joyful...and peaceful...just right...blessings, rebecca

Pam Aries

she is indeed an earth angel! I love the colors..the words!


Hi Katie! This is my first time visiting your blog, and I absolutely LOVE your work. Truly a delight, and fabulous images! Best wishes, Peggi

Deb L

I simply adore all of the work you've posted lately.. is it me or has your color pallette changed a bit to a little more muted, softer tones? Just lovely!

ro bruhn

This is such a lovely style of painting Katie, fabulous.

karen Cole

I really appreciate the fact that you use a large image. I can click on it and get a beautiful view of all of your fabulous little details.....especially your use of lines.


I love everything about this piece Katie!!!! And her face is relly great!!

Mary Ann

i am savoring your blog this morning. bite after delicious bite.


Oh Katie, I just adore your work. I am dreaming of taking one of your workshops one day...Dreams come true, don't they!

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