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ro bruhn

Fabulous chook, I'd love to have some of them free ranging in my garden


sighhhhhhhhhhh. your art is better than the best of chocolates...love these new pieces so much. xxo


I love the great curved lines of the chicken, and I love the energy of the scratche- in lines. Against the building with the tiny door (which makes me think of little mouse-hole), the chicken reminds me of these huge rusty iron chicken statues that are all over the lawn of an antique store nearby. I really want one to put in the center island of our driveway. It think it would totally freak the bears out:>


Like Carla, I like how you scratched out the texture and outline of form. There is something stark, yet powerful about this bird. S/he looks like s/he is standing in her/his own power. There is something so postmodern about the words describing the chicken's p.o.v. I hope s/he finds the open range. : D

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