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Judy Wise

Oh, just looking at the photo of the squares of fabric and imagining them lumpy and covered with paint makes me want to join in and play! Love what you've done here.


I love this page,,, all the background, the white wash, with colorful images on the front. Will you write on this page?

Pam Aries

This looks like juicy ,great intoxicating FUN! You always inspire me! I have been in a art slump funk for months! I think I'll pull out my art journal! THanks so much! I love your ART..When I get all moved to Portland, I'll be able to come to the Art classes and meet you!

ginny back in ohio

I was going to comment on your post, but I am too inspired to go make art stuff into my journal! Thanks!

kelly snelling

isn't it so good and fulfilling to make something that is absolutely right because it is yours? that's what i think of when i see someone's art journal. no trepidation or people to please. it's just for you and yourself. thanks for sharing how you make yours. it's lovely, katie.

ro bruhn

Love the journal pages, what a clever way of joining them together. I also never plan my pages, I pick a few colours and see where they lead me.
Thanks for sharing.

Angie Platten

Gosh, I love this! I am, however, desperately trying to picture the "taking apart" and fabric binding... is this a future class perhaps? :)

Mary Ann

what a marvel and wonder you are. a riot of ideas. .....an art storm.


Your work just pinches me in that way that almost tickles, it is SO wonderful.

Jo Wholohan

Your pages look so inviting, love the finished page, the houses, fantastic!!! Thanks for sharing your process too, great to see how others work :))


Wow! I love this!!! RM:)


love the process...just letting it happen as it will...blessings, rebecca


I've had a wonderful tour through your blog. Great work and I love the pictures of your family -- so filled with joy!

Karen Cole

Great description of a wonderful process that led to a gorgeous conclusion!!!!

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