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Judy Wise

I'm counting the hours.

Catherine Witherell

You are the coolest grandma! Those babies are so CUTE! And now that my kids are older I rarely say that. I am into their teen-ness.

I never met any of my grandparents but if I had to choose one, I think it would be you! I know, I know, we are the same age. Humor me.

Thanks for your comment about my beads. It makes life worth living. Glad you are doing so well. This is an emotional season.



Katie: those chubby little fingers jammed into the marker caps! I can't stand it. Don't you just want to roll those girls in butter, spinkle them with salt and eat em like little cobs of corn?

I hope to come and see you in NC. love ya much.



Ohhh, how wonderful!

Those cheekies, and those marker capped fingers...

Wonderful rabbit!

kelly snelling

well i can surely see how you would be brought to tears over those little darling children!

Maija Lepore

Oh, my friend, you need some sunshine! Come stay with me for a few days here in Phoenix and I will cheer you right up!


What a lovely, colorful journal page... love the quote! Your little granddaughter looks so cute with the marker caps on her fingers... just like kids do with olives!

I hope you're having a wonderful holiday season.

Best wishes,

Linda O'Neill

Love the Rabbit Hole, Katie...and your photos are so very sweet. Violet looks like a real treasure. xox

Laura Miller

Some very special posts you sent us, Katie. You are the kind of tender morsel the world needs more of. As one Nana to another, I think I know just what you mean about the freedom of loving those grandbabies. In a magical way, that has spilled over into my relationships with my grown children. Your art haunts me. I am a big Mary fan and have stories for days. Maybe we'll have tea one day...

Pam Aries

You are a perfect Gran! THose babies are darling and sweet! No ownder you enjoy them s omuch! ..i love the Rabbit!

deb trotter

Oh, looking at these photos, I somehow think those little grandbabies subconsciously brought forth the bunny! How precious! Do you know, do you SEE, your face in your grandchildren? I do. Isn't it wonderful?



beautiful art, beautiful photos, beautiful words, everything here is just beautiful!~ thinking of you and looking forward to hearing about your full weekend. someday i wish to come along for an all girls art weekend... ;-) xoxo


oh i have been feeling the same way lately...even did a down the rabbit hole post last week...your babes are beautiful joys...take care of yourself...blessings, rebecca

annie lockhart

sweet katie...i'm with ya on all of this! the girlies are beautiful...just like grandma!

alex s

Can I come over? I just want to drink in some of that baby/Katie love!

My computer is trashed/wasted/goners. I've been teaching P about nurturing plants...she is a bit too into the watering can part of the lesson...you can guess the rest, can't you?

Meanwhile, dead logic board, $700 - daughter nurturing my MacBook, priceless.

Can't wait to see what "came through" in Judy's class.

Love you.


On word... CHEEKS! That beautiful baby's cheeks! My they are scrumptious little beings. And where have I been to miss such lovely things here...first, I love the new photo of you. It's perfect.

Crying at the drop of a hat. I always thought that was okay. If it's joyful, even if it's a melancholy joyful. But hugs to you, and plenty of long distance love, and oh my you made me quiver with thoughts of grandbabies one day. Yours are magnificent. xx00xx

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