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"I don't join clubs or go to meetings, or go anywhere regularly and I feel stifled the moment I feel I'm expected to."

Yes. EXACTLY. You chose the perfect word Katie "stifled". I'd add resentful to mine. When will I learn not to commit myself to things?!

We've lived in this place for 18 years, the longest I've ever lived anywhere. I find it odd and satisfying at the same time. Knowing, really *knowing* a place, a property is so solidly real. That makes me smile inside. :)

Thank you for sharing *you*. xoxo


i dream of having a place that someday i will be able to reflect on the way you do, knowing the trees, the sounds, the smells, just so! an evening glass of red wine out in one of your chairs or hammock sounds like the perfect way to spend the night. xo

i smiled as soon as i saw that chair, what great memories! the perfect buddha chair.
happy thanksgiving, thinking of you, always! xo

Judy Wise

Sweet glimpses of your life. Barb Campbell is the ceramicist; I too love her work. Your photos are so beautiful as is your life. 25 years to become one with the land; what a precious, grounded experience. I am revelling in the time we'll spend together soon; I miss you.


I spent many summers of my childhood on Hood Canal around Hoodsport, but never made it up the "other" side...it looks just as lovely as "my" side.

ro bruhn

Love your kitchen still life, the large bowl is beautiful. Thanks for sharing a glimpse into your life, I too like long white shirts.

Maija Lepore

Thanks for giving me these glimpses into your life!
I like Richard Simmons, too!


Katie ... I cherish that I can call you friend. The glimpses tell so much about you. Thank you for being you!

kelly snelling

i think this post feels like a love letter to yourself. it is beautiful. it makes me smile and smile as i see you celebrating your wonderful life. what a blessing! and it makes me appreciate all the little things in my own life, too. thank you, friend.

liz elayne

how i love these glimpses...

we have that very brian andreas print hanging in our home. he is one of my all-time favorites. he opened up my eyes to the possibilities of words and color and stories...

i too struggle to keep up with it all...having a hard time answering emails lately...we just do the best we can...
many blessings to you...

Laura Miller

What a wonderful gift this post is. I admire your work and cannot wait to make the cardboard journal that is in CPS. I, too, live in a wild place and after only 9 years I feel like it's a part of me. Hate to go "down the hill" anymore than necessary. You are magical.

cd brinkley

ohh, i have a print by Andrea's too and several cards! i love his work. it is good to know there are others out there that love his work too. it is so whimsical and mysterious and strangely deep.

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