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I share your joy. And you have added to mine today.

Judy Wise

Love the mystery of your pages. Exquisite.




oh i love her!


I love "Let It Be" and you certainly did it justice! And of course the other page is simply faboo! Love the colors. Attitude of Gratitude is oh so important. I try to keep in that place. Not always easy. And that little cherub is delicious!

Laura Bray

Love this painting-Mary is truly a universal icon that attracts many from all walks of life. While not religious myself, I find I am attracted to her almost goddess-like imagery. Thanks for sharing your lovely painting!


Simply beautiful and life affirming...thank you. :-)Gayle


The bottom picture is my favorite of all you have done. Great job!


what are very thought provoking post and i so needed to hear some wisdom today especially today..thank~you and thank~you also for stopping by my place to comment..that was so sweet....

ro bruhn

Superb Katie, I love the faces you create, totally unique.


beautiful words and paintings dear Katie. oh how much I wish i could be a little moth on your wall as you paint these lovley works of art...okay, maybe not a moth, i guess i would be hitting the lights the whole time, but a fly just didn't seem right, either...hmmm...maybe just me, there beside you...yes!
your thanksgiving photos are so sweet! thank you for your kind and warm words to me, much love to you. xoxo

Karen Cole

I find your "3 eyed" people so incredibly compelling.

The force is strong within you, Katie. My goodness, all of your little ones look just like you!

You are truly blessed.


oh katie, these two beauties are just that.... beautiful. and mary... the concept of "mother love" is all consuming and without question, totally committed and unfailing. makes me long for mine xoxo


Your work just *reaches* right into me. I love the way your work generates such feeling in me. I love her; she's marvelous.

And that baby is one cutie-patootie!


you don't have to be catholic to take delight in mother mary...such a beautiful image of her you created...i could look at it forever...i love iconography and this is such a wonderful interpretation...keep going...blessings, rebecca

Ronni designing fairy

Love, love, love your artwork!

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