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Judy Wise

Oh, all the little katie bits on a journal page. Fascinating and wonderful and beautiful. Missing you today but glad you're getting the deadlines met.


Your monkey mind turns out great on a page!

Diane Cook

Monkey mind, a mind my yoga teacher described JUST this past Monday night. I said to myself, yes, Diane, you have a monkey mind. Hard to turn it off, and yes, once in bed it wants to keep monkeying around.
Love your art.

Linda O'Neill

Ooooh monkey mind...that's me! I've had an eagle mind the first three days this week...and a monkey mind the last two. I like my nice calm dog mind the best. And speaking of dogs...love Miss Sophie!


this is amazingly beautiful. I love all the elements, texture, and I love your faces.

Karen Cole

Frolicking in the journal pages and the leaves. What a beautiful life, Katie!


here's to puttering...making deadlines...and being creative always...blessings, rebecca

Fledgling Poet

Oh my gosh, the colors, the textures...it takes my breath away. Visiting your blog and seeing your art work is like finding water after wandering the desert for days...seriously. Thanks for quenching my thirst when I'm unable to do it myself right now.

Pam Aries

WEll..it is a very groovy artsy monkey mind! ha ! Hope you are having a great weekend1 It is beautiful here!


I read your article in Cloth, Paper, Scissors. You write as beautifully as you create your art!

ro bruhn

Such yummy pages Katie

Mary Ann

your monkey has a beautiful mind.


I love this - oh yes monkey mind - such an inspiring image here for me now - many thanks...

xox - eb.

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