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Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!!!! She is a beauty, and I would so love to hold her little hands right now...




this is wonderful...i just love the hands coming forth...finding her voice...the best gift...blessings, rebecca


Fantastic segue from 2d to 3d Katie. And of course YUM! to wax.

ro bruhn

Very cool, love the 3D effect

Pam Aries

good morning! I am catching up! You have been very creative ,I see! Loved your post about your studio too! Mine is a shambles right now!

mary boyer

love this Katie!

Laura Miller

I love this piece. Something about it really gets to me. And the little arms...really engaging.

Jessica Hood

Lovely artwork! Thanks for reading Funky Finds & for entering the Stitch swag bag giveaway. Stay tuned to see who wins the bags this weekend. Good luck!


Ooooohhhh I love this! How ever did you do that frame?? Hope it's not a secret! Happy Wednesday KK!


katie, that is so incredibly wonderful.
could i link my blog to yours?

Judy Wise

Oh, I can't believe I didn't comment when I first saw this. I just love those little, gentle hands. She's a sweet one, katie.

Alma Stoller

Hi Katie,

I was just at the bookstore and read through your article in CPS. It is really great. I love your work.
I also have a love for cardboard and do most of my painting on it.....I really enjoyed looking at what you made with it. I will have to give it a try.

Thank you for the inspiration and keep up the great work.



now that is very interesting looking! Bravo!


She reminds me of an icon. With a rosary. I love her. I love the play of white. I love her little mouth.

You always amaze me. Always.



Oooh Love this! How cool - and different :) And I like reading about you in the last post, too! FUN :)

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