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Judy Wise

Thank you for the river walk. It's reassuring to see things returning to the new normal there. Peaceful solstice celebrations to you, Walter and the family.


Merry Christmas Katie!!!!

wishing much peace..


Sharon @ Norah'S

Greetings Katie,
I just love your wild river attitude of getting gifts and giving gifts. And thank you so much for the stroll. Very enjoyable. Your eagle is majestic.
Cheers to you

Sharon @ Norah'S

I think the puter ate my comment. I'll come back later and check.


Would love to sit on this blue bench and gaze at the river! Awesome atmosphere! You are lucky to have it right by you!
Happy Holidays!


Would love to sit on this blue bench and gaze at the river! Awesome atmosphere! You are lucky to have it right by you!
Happy Holidays!


Would love to sit on this blue bench and gaze at the river! Awesome atmosphere! You are lucky to have it right by you!
Happy Holidays!


Would love to sit on this blue bench and gaze at the river! Awesome atmosphere! You are lucky to have it right by you!
Happy Holidays!

Laura Miller

thank you for the heart soothing photos. I love that you see beauty and respect the rearrangement of your property. After a big flood here, I was amazed to hear people complain that the canyon was "ruined". I wondered how they thought the canyon got here in the first place. Sweetness be on you.


It is so interesting how many emotions as well as objects that flood brought to you. I was rapt with attention through it all. I used to live in Oregon before I had my kids, in Eugene and Salem in '90 and '91 and nothing like that ever happened to me. My husband and I went fishing and rafting on the MacKenzie River as many weekends as we could and I still think Oregon is where I would go to live when my kids are grown and gone off to live their own lives.

Thank you for your latest comments to me Katie. I am so happy I am in this "Project" with you too.

My dollie that I got from you at the last sale is doing well.

Merry Christmas!


happy winter solstice dear katie. how wonderful to see the flood the way you do...and with a new gift of a bench that is perfectly placed.
thinking of you this mornings, as lift my cup of earl grey to you and wish you a most lovley winter soltice and so much more. much love to you and your family. xoxox

Tara Finlay

Oh Katie, what wonderful pictures. I saw a bald eagle last year at artfest, along with a snowy white owl that swooped silently down, back and forth, above my head.
That quiet time for me was the highlight of artfest.
When I was a little girl, I used to follow the rivers that were created on the side of the road, from the rainwater, and imagine I was walking along a beautiful, rugged, wild river. Your pictures brought back that feeling.


Merry Christmas Katie. Thank you for that wonderful walk. Its amazing how things in life really aren't forever, but something new is always around the corner.

Mary Ann

the whole wide world is a beautiful thing to fall in love with. over and over and over again. especially when a lovely blue bench is perched right on the top. a seat fit for a queen.

kelly snelling

i love walking in the woods. only i don't much woods right here. i could drive somewhere close by but it's not quite the same as having your own woods. i did when i was little and i miss it in my bones. it was lovely to see your river and hear you talk about what it can do and the changes it brings. you surely display your love of it in your words. and the eagles take my breath clean away. i've only seen them in the zoo which makes me want to cry. i know they must have been injured or something, right? to be in the zoo. but it does my heart good to see the eagles there with you. so blessed. xo-k

Miz Carla

Katie honey I am so sorry. I haven't been here in a week or so and had no idea you were dealing w/ flooding. My poor dearie (hugs you tight).

Sending lots of love your way and wishes for a very merry Christmas.



a toast to you also...blessings and peace to you and yours, rebecca


Dearest Katie,

It has been a while since I've left a comment, but it feels so comfy to stop by and see your beauty... read your beauty... thank you... Merry Holidays and love to you always.


Karen Cole


Happiest of holidays to you and your lovely family.

Hope things are getting back to some normalcy. If you are making things for the holidays, i assume they are.

You and Andy Goldsworthy!


Bernie Berlin

Merry Christmas my sweet friend!!!
Yes, I know I'm late, but hey!! What else is new:)
Go look at my blog your Christmas Present Harvey is waiting for you:)
Love you lots!!!

Pam Aries

Happy New Year!

Angela Platten

I hope your studio is coming back together. I am stunned that you have eagles! I love birds so much and if I had this gorgeous thing to look at from my home, I'd never get anything done! What a blessing for you!

judy wilkenfeld

Wishing you a Happy New Year, hope all gets back into shape quickly.


visitng you always brightens my day...may the spirit of a new year fill your home with an abundance of love, laughter, and joy...may the magic of the moment bring peace to your heart all year long...may your creativity take you to amazing places and may you experience the resulting bliss...much love to all of you and your family...rebecca

alex s

OH! MAN! What a gift!! What a beautiful portent that Eagle.

I hope you soar like her in the New Year Dear One.



Everytime I come back and stroll through these images I am struck by that bench. I just cannot get over it. It seem like magic. But every image here is lovely...

Hoping you are well and creating and kissing lovely grandbaby cheeks and posting new and glorious art to inspire us, soon!

Miss you!



I am sorry this has been such a hard time, but glad that your eagle is back and you have a beautiful new bench. Nature can be so harsh sometimes. I am excited to see your projects though and hope you find more solstice "along the river..." roxanne

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