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Beautifully stated. I agree,,,, with everything. And I think I saw that special on the monkeys recently too. My heart is heavy too, but I am reminded that life is,,,,, perfect,,,,, the lessons we need to learn are ours and our alone. What we feel is part of the journey.

Maija Lepore

Thank God we can feel, even though it may be grief! That's what makes us human and alive! I'm thinking of your loss this season, as I mourn the loss of my beloved mother.

carol drummond

...."this too shall pass"...

Shari Beaubien

Oh Katie, I have to chuckle as I write this... you KNOW I understand. Oh yes, you know I do... Love, Shari


I love that you post what you feel and not what you think is appropriate. I love Christmas, but my heart also feels that slight crack for those that are not as fortunate and are suffering. It is a season of many emotions. Peace to you!


Your post celebrates compassion, and compassion encompasses a range of emotions. Compassion is what this season is all about. Thank you for your thoughtful post. Gayle


I'll take some of that love from your beautiful cracked heart and share with you some of my own. I just read this on another bog, about seeing the beauty in the flaws and appreciating it so much more than perfection because well, really...is there such a real thing as perfection?

I have been thinking of you much!
beautiful open post, Katie. I love you dearly, xo

Pam Aries

THe good thing about cracked hearts is that they can be hotglued back together.! It seems to me that the holidays can bring out the sad as well as the joy. The thing is I can totally relate. I sense that you are feeling rather small in the scheme of things. May I say that you have a very large heART and your art is an enormous gift to the world! It is good that you share your feelings! Thank you!

debbi crane

milnot is evaporated milk, not the sweetened, condensed variety


I feel it is very hard to understand what is happening in our world right now. Especially for those of us who believe someting other than the way the world believes.Yes, things do happen for a reason but the pain that goes with that is sometimes unbearable and makes no sense to our mortal human minds and hearts. Does anything really matter then? Should we just all go with the flow? Never asking questions or being upset? Just always knowing that what is happening is for the best or highest good for someone? My heart is cracked as well. Almost broken.....thnak you.

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