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tracie Huskamp

Katie.. I am so glad you are home safe.....


Laura Miller

Ah, the joys of remote living! You have my sympathy. Our road has been known to wash out and since it is private, we get to fix it. I am sorry to hear about your studio and inspired by your attitude regarding it. Glad all is well and that you are home safe. P.S. Our place is still recovering from a major fire 4 years ago. I learned that wild is wild and never stays the same.


oh Katie, what a wild and adventurous ride you've been on of late! Your journal pages are so great - I love the rabbit! glad to read that you are home safe and that not too much damage has occurred. Thinking of you xoxo


Me,too. Glad you made it home safely. With those big storms we usually get mudslides and big boulders and a few leaks as well...Love your new work!!! Looks like you had fun with Judy!


so glad you are home safe.


hope you didn't lose anything too precious~i think i would be saddened most my any of my art stuff being destroyed in a disaster.

Mary Ann

glad you made it safe and sound home to your dear Walter and animals. Look forward to the photos of your drive home.

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