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Sounds like not only you, but your hubby had an eventful weekend! I am glad all is safe and sound at the homestead. Whenever you get to Belfair, there is a box of jam waiting for you. :D Sending you super groovy vibes!xoxoxoxo

Judy Wise

Oh, katie, I know how much you want to return to the familiarity of your own home but fate has conspired to make you my guest for awhile. I can think of no one who is more welcome or more fun. My toes are tapping too so let's get to crackin' for a 2nd day of second hand store shopping. You are my mero mero.<3

Carla Sonheim

So glad your husband and animals are safe!


I am glad you are ok. The devastation is incredible. They are talking about letting trucks through soon.
I can't imagine what it will be like to visit your land again with all the changes. So sorry, but I am so glad your home is ok, and your family.

kelly snelling

oh my heavens! i am glad that your husband and home are safe!! i bet you were just worried to bits! so sorry about your trees, land, road, and bridge. when i was a girl, this was a yearly occurrence for us. it is difficult to weather the storm but the good life in the woods far outweighs the troubles. the photo of the garden with your blue slippered feet is one i would enlarge and hang on the wall if i were you. it is fabulous!

Laura Ryhan

Hi Katie,
So glad you're ok. Like the journal pages you did with Judy. I'm hoping to get a workshop with her some day. Wanted to let you know, I have tears of gratitude too. I'm overwhelmed with what life has given me, that I can accept myself today.



i'm so sorry about the flooding. you'll recover in time. your journal pages are beautiful. i'm glad you were able to find sanctuary in judy's house.

take care.

Linda O'Neill

So glad you are ok, Katie...it must have been so hard for you to be out of touch with your husband.

Your journal page of the flood is amazing. At least some beautiful art came out of a difficult time.

Hope all is better now. xox

Shari Beaubien

Goodness, Katie! I've been thinking of you so much lately. Do keep us all updated when you have news and when you are safely home. I'm so happy to hear that your home is okay, but I feel so bad that there has been such destruction. I know how that goes... fire or water... the result is the same. Love, Shari

judy wilkenfeld

Glad all is ok with you guys. The journal pages you did are superb, to say the least. sounds like you had an amazing time despite all the worries. Hope everything gets fixed very soon.

Deryn Mentock

Lovely journal pages Katie! You guys have had quite the wild weather up there so far this year!

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