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So glad you made it home safely. I hope the studio cleaning goes smoothly. Wishing you peace and strength to get through these next few weeks.

Judy Wise

I am shocked by the photo of the hammock. I would have been petrified to have been in your house where Walter was. I wish I were there helping you clean up. I'm saying a little prayer for both of you.

kelly snelling

rain rain go away! i would insert a swear word or two in here but i will behave. i'm sorry that you have to do all that pulling up of carpet and mess, katie. i hope it is not too bothersome and that it doesn't create too much stress. at the very least, if it does, i hope you can channel it all into beautiful paintings!

Tara Finlay

Well, if I could, I'd just give you a big hug. I am so sorry this happened.

Cindy Dean

Isn't it amazing the devestation that flooding brings. I wish you the best and hope that things return to normal soon for you.


Dear Katie,
I am so sorry. But you will prevail. You already are.
xox Colette


I'm so glad youare safe and sound, and so sorry to hear about your clean up mess. Much of my family had their homes severely flooded when Hurricanes Frances/Ivan made their back to back appearance. so Iknow what cleaning up after a flood means. I wish I could come over and help!!!

Carol in Mass.

Katie- Oh my! I am so sad to hear of this damage to your creative space. I will be praying for you! I'm thankful you and your family are all OK.

Diane Havnen-Smith

Oh Katie, those pictures are really something, especially the debris hanging on the fence. I'm so glad you finally arrived home safe and sound but sorry about your studio--the last thing you needed right now when you've got so much going on. Glad the prospect of a new cleaned-out space is somewhat uplifting. Hugs and love to you, especially in these next days.


Oh Katie! I had no idea that you were going through all of this!! Glad you made it home safely, but what a mess to have to deal with!!!
Sending lots of love and hugs.


oh my - sending you wishes and prayers of fortitude and patience and calm - I know that for me this would be very challenging - remembering the Chinese character for crisis also means opportunity - you seem to have that in place - love and prayers and admiration...

the journal page is wonderful - a prayer - a meditation...

xox - eb.

Kathy Read

Oh Katie
What a thing to go through. I thought about you when I saw the flooding. Hugs and hope all is better now.


oh my! what a bit of destruction. i'm glad everyone is ok in your house. i had a wee flood and lost a lot of art papers. it's disheartening. i hope you're back to creating soon.


oh katie, i am so sorry this has happened to you and your family, and at such a time of the year. Reading your words makes me think i am dreaming, i cannot imagine how much it must feel like that to you. it all seems too wild to be real.
but where better to be than with people like judy and diane during such an event.(thank you judy & diane)...if only walter and the furry babies could have been with you. thank god you are all okay. i have been thinking of you, wishing there was something i could do to help, please do let me know if there is anything i can do from afar. take care and don't let the deadlines worry you, they can wait or maybe they just weren't meant to be...either way, i hope you can find some time to create and sit with walter over a glass of wine. everything will be okay. much love to you.

Shari Beaubien

Oh Katie... I'm so supremely glad you're home safe and sound. It's all in the attitude, my dear. Keep reminding yourself that this is an opportunity for a new beginning in that studio of yours... a chance to get rid of a lot of stuff that may have been weighing you down. And the important "stuff"? It can all be replaced in due time. Take it one moment after the next. Breathe. Take a break when you need it. And please, PLEASE don't hesitate to let me know if there's anything under this sun that I can do for you. Love and hugs, Shari


Showing the hammock photo was just the thing we needed to know the scale of the floodwaters and the damage done. I am so sorry for your studio losses and the added 45 minute drive just to get to and fro among all the other greater community probklems. My thoughts and love are with you.


Oh Katie, my heart breaks for you. I'm tired just thinking of all you have to do. Remember that Christmas isn't about the giving and remember to keep your hands open... not only in the releasing to God but receiving from Him. You and Walt are in my prayers. I wish I was there to help you! And girl, get yourself some NeutraAir. I had old carpet sopping wet from a pipe bursting in our first home and had company due in three days. We pulled the carpet back, had fans on it trying to dry it, etc... but the smell was awful. I didn't know what I'd do. Then I discovered NeutraAir Carpet neutralizer and the Air spray. It worked like a miracle, I tell ya'! It has to be that brand though... not the one put out by Glade. It must be the Lysol brand. May you be blessed during this season in spite of what is before you.

jane powell

Hello dear sweet Katie,
Your sunshiney positive attitude will take you through this tough time, I am so sure of that. If I could do anything for you from this distance I will surely do it. You are in my thoughts.


I have been reading your wonderful blog for a little while and just wanted to send love and hugs and good vibes to you during this difficult time. Thank goodness you have such wonderful, helpful friends nearby to help out! Now you can finally get your studio sorted out just as you like (for a while anyway - I know after a reshuffle, my studio takes about 2 days to become a bombsite again!) Take care and, even through all the work, have as much fun as possible!


Oh Katie,
I am so happy that you are safe but I am so sorry for all of the WET news. Yuck.
If you need any kind of paper ephemera-I have a lot of it and would love to share. Drop me a note. I would be more then happy to ship you up some care packages.

kelly rae

i am catching up over here and i just can't believe it! the photos tell the story. my goodness. thinking of you and sending wishes of dryness and calm and peace. and i'm so thankful you are OK.

Carla Sonheim

oh my, Katie!!!


Oh dear. That looks scary to me. I am so glad you are back home, and hoping that things are going okay. Those photos are unreal! I had no idea. This is what happens when we work all day and go home and never turn on a television. I just had no idea. I'm so sorry! Happy you are safe. Your journal page is beautiful. xx00xx

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