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i am setting a goal to find more teaching venues next year...the classes look like fun...blessings, rebecca


I wish I could come, but I am too afraid to chance the drive in January. I'm a wimp that way.

Will you teach there more towards the spring? I love the collaged face class.

ro bruhn

I'd love to be there Katie your work is so unique. I hope your flood situation has eased.

Judy Wise

By golly, I'll be there!!

Sue Who Doesn't Like To Be Photographed

Hi Katie,

It's been awhile since I left a comment, but I drop in from time to time to check on you.

Wish I could take a class with you. Someday . . .

Flooding! I hadn't heard about that. Hope all is well. Water is amazing stuff--powerful, terrible, necessary, beautiful. It helps you get some perspective on life.

Take care of yourself and watch out for those little dessicants in the supplement bottles. I think of you every day since I read that. Makes me chuckle.

alex s

Water water...can give life and can be so destructive. I've been unable to check in because my daughter "watered" my MacBook. It is so dead. And it has cut me off from my "life." (my iPod also died the same day...)

Of course it takes you to put it all in perspective. I hope you are ok and that the water has receded. I am SO sorry to see that you have suffered. :-/

I need your terra addy again... {xo}

Pam Aries

Katie..the very first thing I am going to do when I finally get to Portland is sign up for one of your classes! I have this issue of CPS . That's when I learned the phonebook faces! Thank you !

Sue Pieper

Katie, I'm so glad that you made it home, but was sad to read about the wet studio, had to be heartbreaking. As much fun as these classes sound, I'll patiently (not!) wait until Sept when I'll see you at Valley Ridge-we'll finally actually meet in person! Can you believe it??


Would love to join you! but (sigh) I can't. Your work is sooo inspiring. Hope you have a wonderful holiday season KK!


Hi Katie,
Just popping in to see all your gorgeous art - I always know I'll find something new and special.

Thank you so much for sharing your gorgeous art with us this year. Wishing you a wonderful holiday season and I'm looking forward to seeing you next year at ArtFest.

All the best,

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