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Carol in Mass.

I read you blog all the time and I am so happy to see you posted about A Place to Bark's fundraising challenge! I've taken classes with Bernie and she is such a wonderful teacher and artist. But I have to say, the work she does on behalf of these wonderful animals is just amazing! She delivered my new grand-dog, Lexi, and a few other of her babies to us here in Massachusetts just before Christmas. Lexi is an amazing little dog and we are so thrilled that Bernie found her, cared for her and brought her into our lives. The challenge is for the most donors so every $10 donor is important. If Bernie gets this grant (as one of the top 4) she will be able to build her year round building for the animals!

There are pictures of Lexi on my blog if any of your readers wants to see one of Bernie's "happy endings."


Carol in Mass.

Oops..make that


Ya'll come visit me now :-)

Pam Aries

Yes YES! I will. I am a big animal lover!



My heart goes out to you as you work through the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your life right now. I am signed up for your Innerstandings workshop and I will be waiting to see you, hug you, and make art with you when you are feeling up to it!



I know your feeling under the weather, but when you have a minute, stop by my blog, as I have an award waiting for you, sweet KK. Hope you're having a peaceful, well, day. Well Hugs from bluejude.

Laura Miller

Oh dear Katie, stop in at my blog please. I have something for you.

Sandra Evertson

Thank you, I'm off to Bernie's!
Sandra Evertson


Katie--just stopping by to see how you're doing. I've been thinking of you--sending good thoughts your way...

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