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A long warm hug from me.

Karen Cole


I've had similar circumstances in the past. I pray that this time will pass quickly and you will feel better and be happy with what looks to be a beautiful creative life and a family that anyone would be proud to call their own. There is a lot of positive energy out there that is thinking of you.



I appreciate how you stated "this is serious business, and there is no room for pity, just gratitude". I will carry it with me and hold you in the Light. Rest, rest, rest and take good care. Gayle

liz elayne

sending you peace.
sending you light.
sending you love.

Bernie Berlin

Call me when you feel up to it:)
I have happy things to tell you...
Take care of you...
Love and Light to you my dear friend..


you have been in my thoughts, always in my heart. xoxo

Stephanie Brockway

your strenght, honesty & gentleness never cease to amaze me. It has been a dark winter in the N.W....your wise to know, this to shall pass...sending you light and peace.
steph b


You know, I had just starting visiting your blog and you disappeared. I felt that something had happened and I was worried. And when I tried to visit today, before the screen came up, I said be there! and then you start out "I'm here". WOW
My daughter is bipolar. She is 33 and she lives with me. She has five children and they live here too. So I mostly raise them because she still gets down right regularly. It is a serious thing this disease. No matter how hard she tries she does not escape the lows. They come and they're there and then they go and she's back. Gratitude is great. Art is great. My art is all that saves me. I pray for all of us. The ones with the disease and the ones who helplessly watch and feel their pain. We are all the victims of this mental illness.
I don't know you but as I said I recently starting visiting you, I do know this though, I love your work, your energy, your talent, your honesty, and I see you healthy, happy and whole! This too shall pass. Blessing to you for a quick recovery. I know that reaching out helps. When I get in my mental lows (depression) if I isolate it gets worse. I am in recovery for almost 25 years now and none of us can go it alone.
Bless you and your family. Bless you and your art. May the God of your understanding lift you up and out of this low time now.
love nancye

Pam Aries

I know I have told you before, but I too have had similar problems and I can pretty much understand what you have been going through, I hope that all works out for you. I have been checking back to see if you were blogging yet. Please know that me heART is with you and I am thinking of you! Peace and Love! Can''t wait to see some new art!

Judy Wise

Oh, katie, why you? With such kindness, beauty and joyfulness in your spirit, why this? You are loved by so many. Thank you for your brave honesty and your courage. You are an amazing spirit and teacher.

tracie Huskamp

Katie.. you are in my thoughts, dear one. You are doing the BEST THING right now.. Taking care of yourself is a #1 priority!!!! Much peace, light and wellness to you.

warmest wishes always!

kelly snelling

you are in my heart. and i will sing to the sunniest skies and the gloomiest skies to send you powerful love. peace be with you, friend.


oh honey I'm sorry you are dealing with all these physical and chemical ups and downs. Even though at times like this it seems like grey skys and it will never be sunny again. But theres always a sun behind the clouds, it never goes away. Even if sometime you just can't see it, its there. Your sun is shining bright as always my friend.

Taking care of yourself is always a priority, because you come first.

Much much much love to you. I will keep you in my thoughts and send love and healing energy to you.



Dear Katie - I am sorry you've been having such struggles, especially since they are between your conscious wishes to be happy and healthy and your body's chemical program. You are such a brave soul, and wise to know that self-pity is never an ally.
Thank you for sharing the gathas you recite... and my best healing loving wishes that you pass through this soon.


katie...oh how i feel for you at this time...i was so worried about you...i hope some of my prayers found your heart during the worst times...i have a bi-polar son...and i know life is not ever easy...you must be able to find your normal, however that happens...but i know that without medication, it is very difficult...just finding the right combination is a life journey...hugs to you...and if you ever need a substitute teacher, i would be glad to step up...angel kisses coming your way...blessings today & always, rebecca


I will be thinking of you and sending you lots of good thoughts. Hope this lifts, soon. Care for yourself...

Laurie Mika

Dear Katie,
Just thought I would stop by and say Hi since it has been so long...and now that we are partners in Project 8! Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and to remember that , "after the rain; the rainbow", so here is hoping that your rainbow is on the horizon and that nothing but good juju is headed your way to help lift your spirits. I really believe that art heals, and I hope that you can get back to art making soon. With lots of love and good wishes, Laurie

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