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I'm working and watching Bernie's blog, however the contest is over now.
I'm appreciating that I don't have to drive over the passes, and I am looking forward to meeting with my art group on Sat.



i am enjoying seeing your post...thinking of you and wishing i could share a bowl of warm soup with you...ahhh, that sounds so nice.
i love the painting and cannot wait until artfest...and to see you! miss you dear Katie. xoxo


Love your new work...but I WANT some of that yummie looking soup!

Angie Platten

Love the painting! Glad to see you back at it! And OMG, I have the same exact rug in my house! Out of all the rugs out there, what are the chances?! Isn't that funny?!

alex s

I'm enjoying knowing that you are enjoying your world today love-bug!! I miss hearing from you though...I would enjoy that... :-) (oy vey.)


I love your "Mother Mary"! The background makes her look rather passionate (along with the expression on her face, like she has a secret...) The soup looks delicious - I am a huge fan of DM's Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone, and I regularly make many of her soups. My favorite is the squash soup with fried sage leaves - yum:> I am loving today - there's freezing rain outside and I'm home with the stove burning, the cats purring, and the dog napping. I love days when I feel like I can fritter away time if I want, although I do plan to get started on a large painting this afternoon. What a treat! You sound well and happy!

Judy Wise

I'm enjoying my first cup of coffee and visiting your blog. Loving your painting of Mary, loving that it's February (closer to spring) and that you sound good. It's a good day. xoxo

Pam Aries

Mary is beautiful! ...Girl..that stove looks so darn cozy..Doggie is lovin' it ! Soup..I love soup..made some myself! Gumbo!

Laura Bray

Love Jose Saramago! My favorites are All the Names and The Gospel According to Jesus Christ-which would actually be in line with your lovely Mary painting. It gives a really "human" view of Mary. Let me know how The Cave is.

karen cole

Nice to see your creations again, Katie. You sound good.

Laura Miller

Saramago gets my brain going. The Cave touched many things in me. I have a big Mary fascination and this painting is beautiful. One day I will be in your class.


Wow, that red is captivating. thanks for sharing. beautiful piece.

Colon Cleanse Geek

So enjoyed reading your post and the painting of Mother Mary. It has been mighty cold outside but we dined on stuffed squash:-)

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