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Wishing you a quick and simple recovery. I'll be sending you soaring birds and whip cream sparkles .


I think you're absolutely right Sweetie!!! Bipolar meds are notorious for messing with liver function! That's why my doc has me have liver function tests at least once a year. Do your other doctors know this? Feel better quick!


Maija Lepore

I'm so gald you are feeling better!

kelly snelling

amen for our livers! i have to get tests on mine every few months because of the cancer meds. i bet you are 100% right about the reaction to that medication. for you to react so strongly to one dose it must have caused your liver to work overtime to clean out your blood. drink lots of water, friend. flush that liver clean! i am sending you love and healing joy, friend.

Elisabeth Augusta

I hope you will feel much better soon. Lots of love from Norway.


thinking of you dearest one. sending love! xoxo


hope you could recover sonn.


warm wishes your way katie, i'll be thinking of you. speedy recovery.


Sending you lots of love and healing vibes... and keeping you in my thoughts, beautiful you...




As a regular blog-reader of yours, and an admirer of your art and word-smithing abilities, I'm thinking of you and wishing you well again...


Sending healing thoughts to your liver (and milkthistle apparently helps too!) Katie. xoxo

Shari Beaubien

Sweet Katie, I'm SO glad you're getting the help and testing you need to determine how to fix this. And I'm glad you're showering your spirit with lots of love and rest. Add my love to your pour, okay? Hugs, Shari


I came by to see some of your beautiful work, and see you are having health issues. I'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and hope you will be on the mend very soon. Big Hugs!

ro bruhn

Sorry you're not well Katie, I hope you're on the mend
quickly, I'll send positive thoughts and lots of energy.
Take care


So sorry to hear you are ill. Wishing you health soon. (And I have spoken to my liver, thanks to you.)
Hugs and best wishes, Jeanne


Sweet Katie,

Oh dear, I am sorry to know you have not been well. Please, please take good care...it sounds like you are and know just how to do it. I will be thinking of you and sending light and good wishes and love...

Tara Finlay

It is so hard when a medication causes such horrific side effects, especially if it was working, but I think I remember you saying you couldn't even stay on it because of the side effects. I have done very well on Lamictal, but now I want my liver checked! We learn from each other.
I hope things clear up soon.

Abby Creek Art

I'm loving your liver right now, Katie!:) I'm so glad you know what the culprit is...now you just have to heal and gain your strength back. Maisie sends a big kissie your way too.xox

Deryn Mentock

Katie, I'm sorry to hear what you've been going through. How miserable! You're in my prayers...

Karen Cole

Sorry to hear you have not been well, Katie. You have a great deal of people putting their energy your way. I see a speedy recovery and a positive outcome coming soon.

Take care of every part of you.


Sending you golden showers of healing, peaceful energy.

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