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kelly snelling

happy birthday to your lovely little girl, katie! thanks for sharing the photos and such sweet memories.


that baby picture of her looks just like her daughter, Violet, when she was a bitty baby! wow! I really can see the resemblance. Both beautiful. :)


Happy Birthday to your sweet & beautiful Heather and to you. you have such a beautiful family. xoxoxo

Sue Pieper

Having never met Heather in person, the photos taht you chose and what yuo had to say, make me feel like I've met her! The photos are so precious, she's lucky to have you around!

Pam Aries

Awww! HaPpY Birthday to Heather She is gorgeous..both as a bebe and an adult! Oui ! I love your Project 8 piece!


beautiful daughter and my first and only is named heather also....

dorit elisha

Congratulations to the proud mother of an amazing mother from another mother! Isn't this the best satisfaction when you look back at your life achievements?


hey sweet katie...
happy birthday to heather...she's so beautiful...time flies...doesn't it? can't wait to see you at artfest...hugs


Beautiful from the get go. How lucky you both are to so close by one another. I see you in her baby photo so much!

Shelling peas on a summer night... *sigh*

And your Red painting is so enchanting :)

You seem *bright* :) Love, love, love...

Catherine Witherell

I love the way you talk about her.

Katie, I have awarded you the "You Make My Day Award". Come and see what it is about. Catherine


Katie: that picture of Heather in the pink dress is absolutely precious. She's a beauty in every way, but knowing her mother, that's no surprise.

Miss you!

xoxoxo cheryl


what a beautiful post...makes a mother cry...i have missed you...hugs, r

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