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oooo Katie, I'm completely intrigued! Is this out of the bucket plaster? Or are you mixing it up? How would it be different say, than molding paste? I appreciate this is a class given by Stephanie but any hints you might be able to give would be most appreciated.

tracie Huskamp

Katie.. it is GLORIOUS to see you SMiling and having FUN FUn FUN!!!


Judy Wise

Aaiiieeee, katie, you've struck gold here. Oh, I love that color of red. Magnifique!!


it's beautiful! i really would love to take a class with Stephanie someday. I can't wait to see more of what you do with this medium. and now i am off to my studio... i have been looking forward to it all day! xo take care Katie.

Shari Beaubien

These are great, Katie! I am so enjoying seeing what you and Judy created in this class! Hugs, Shari

Stephanie Lee

Katie, you work wonders with such a humble medium! That red is delicious and the pod....LOVE the texture!

I had SOOOO much fun with all you who were in class that weekend and I DON'T play favorites, but if I did (which I don't) I might (which I wouldn't) have to say (but never outloud) that you and Judy would make the top of that list (not that I would have one). :)

thank you SO much for bringing your twinkling energy! I appreciate it more than you know!


This is awesome, love the texture and the colors!

Pam Aries

OH So cool! I love all the pics of the artsy gals! You look too cute and happy! Everyone is having so much fun... YAY!


This is a very enticing piece. The colors and textures, shapes and levels make me want to touch it!!!

Sounds like a great weekend.


This is simply amazing. I love it! I would love to work in plaster!

alex s

Fantabulous!! I really thought that the pod was, well, a pod! I love this plaster stuff! Love what you're doing with it most of all. (xo)

karen cole

This is my favorite, Katie.

Love the pod.

Took a class with Stephanie last year. Love that plaster!


The texture, the colors.... I'm not the swooning type, but if I were, my eyes would be bugging out about now, and you would hear a serious intake of breath....

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