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It sounds like you had a wonderful day. Your trees are beautiful (previous post's painting and this post's photo).

Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie!
That first nature photo is just gorgeous - it must have been an exhilarating feeling to walk down that path. Your day sounds just perfect! - and what a great way to complete it, in your studio, doing what you love.

I enjoyed reading your 'ponderings' on your creative process and what is important to you. Those were the exact words I needed to hear today.

I will have to try that gel - did you like working with it? I love the eyes of this little person - like a sweet and trusting child's eyes - beautiful.


tricia scott

i also needed to hear the words you wrote. i am striving to play more and let go of the outcome. some days it is easier for me to do this than others. :)
i do feel a connection to this painting---i get a maternal feeling as i look at it...like i want to reach out and hold her.


I hear you loud and clear. Caught up in teaching, writing and creating for my own books and others, and magazine articles as well, I had lost all of my play time. I am 2 months into my year off and I still haven't gotten around to playing. I must finish up all the prior (and sneaky new) committments. Good for you for having the courage to play and take a day for yourself. I take it your daughters and granddaughters were not around. That's my recent distraction (but by choice, I know) - too much family time.


dear katie, i really feel that i know these feelings well.
your work always feels alive to me, i think that is from your putting all of your heart and soul into every piece you create, within each layer is another world. xooxo


It's fantastic! The playfullness comes through. Keep hushing those inner critics adn have fun!

Laura Bray

I can't believe this post! This weekend I posted a "third eye" painting on my blog with a very similiar post about my art & my time. Apparently we are in the same universal flow this week!

Judy Wise

Oh, I like this piece very much. What lies within. Thank you for letting us follow you around and learn with you. It is good.

Laurie Mika

Hi Katie,
That workshop with Stephanie sounds like a lot of fun and I LOVE your textured results. I esp. love the piece with the tree with the black birds...that would be a nice companion piece to the one that I already own! Hmmm....Looking forward to seeing you at Artfest!


Do you know, I have never given myself "permission" to have a day of playtime? Isn't that sad?!? I think I need to remedy that pretty durned soon!

Your piece has a lot of tension in it. I like that. xoxo

Carla Sonheim

Well said, as usual! Thank you for reminding us all to let go a little bit...

Maija Lepore

What a divine day! The photos are so reflective of your mood! A day to yourself- how wonderful.
I am loving your journal pages as well!


Amen! It's like they say about journal writing, "Assume no audience." Easier said than done, so thanks for sharing with us your free play results as well as your more "finished" work! I love to see the processes other artists go through!

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