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liz elayne

this piece is delightful miss katie! it made me smile right away as soon as i saw it...

and your pink typewriter!! i have a green one but the p sticks...and now the numbers do too...i am going to have to find a new one soon, but i do so enjoy using it.

stay warm on this dreary, rainy wednesday...

Judy Wise

Marvelous piece for RED. Thinking about you, thinking, thinking . . .


Oh Katie, an Olivetti! I used to have the same flat one, in a little sort of square suitcase carrier only it was an aqua color one. The memories! It suits you well, they are such whimsical "letter holders" little friends that went to college with us in those days, long time ago when life was simpler, friends were closer and your typewriter could be carried with you just about everywhere. Think: could we do that with a computer?

As always, your art reaches for me and finds me there. Red is not one of my colors and then I looked at your painting...I love red. Stay warm, our weather is frightful right now.


Catherine Witherell

Your "8x8" is really cute!!!

and I love what you wrote about your daughter. She is lovely!

Catherine xo

Shari Beaubien

Your piece for Project Eight is wonderful, Katie! He just makes me smile... sitting there so securely with a cardinal perched on his head! The reds just pop. It's adorable. Hugs, Shari


this piece is so WONDERFUL, seeing your work is always such a treat!

I LOVE the typerwriter...I got one for Christmas just this past year and i love it.

Ohhh and into the wild is such a good book, i cannot wait to see it on film. Have you heard of the Wet Collection, by Joni Tevis? I just started it last night and had trouble going to sleep, so far I love it. Shari from the glass doorknob posted about it and so I found it and think you, too would enjoy it. xoxo hope you have a beautiful weekend. xo

ro bruhn

What a lovely painting, the red splashes just give it so much drama. The typewriter is fabulous, love it's colour.

Laura Miller

As always, nourishment in the form of a blog. Your daughter is lovely and I like that you take time to recall so many things about her. The red project, as usual, astounds. So much in such a simple image. I look and I learn. The typewriter is so cute. Here's how old I am, I used to sell typewriters! Electric, I'm not THAT old.

Laura Miller

Me again. The Cave really moved me as does most Saramago. I like that reading him is, just in the reading, an adventure.


Glad to see you are healthy - blogging away and doing such wonderful art. The wonderfully silly little "red" fellow made me smile. How do you come up with these pictures? They are wonderful. I love the typewriter, too. And your daughter ... oh, you can tell she has your heart! - Jeanne

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