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I can relate to the isolation one feels as an artist, I had a similar experience this last week that was so different than my every day life of a single parent, single in general and an artist. It's nice to have conversation and companionship outside your 4 walls every once and awhile! It looks like your classes and meetings were fun and inspirational :)

kelly snelling

yay! i'm so happy to hear of your artistic and spiritual refueling. thank you for the photos. i love seeing you all! and your new piece you started in stephanie's class is scrumptious!!


Sounds like great fun! And well deserved after all you've been through. Have fun with the grandbabies!

Judy Wise

I'm so in love with the plaster piece; love the window with "imagination" written on it. So true. And the colors are wonderful. You really made something special with your project.


I am dying here! Acute case of envy - the good envy - for the Saturday in heaven. The piece is glorious and your smiles, all of yours, are like a breath of Spring to me. Nothing like art to bring the best in all of us, isn't? That window opens to a world of possibilities and dreams, and I can only wish that all of them come true for you.


...a soul & spirit massage & bubble bath, i love that. It really does look and sound like a perfect treat for all of you! I love hearing about your artful journeys & adventures. i am so looking forward to seeing you soon! xo with love.


plaster is way fun...it is my specialty...i use it in my art a lot...there are so many great plaster products out there on the market...glad to see others using it...hugs, rebecca

ro bruhn

What a fabulous time you had, love the photo of Judy and the green shoes. Your plaster work is fantastic


wow--- so glad that you found MY site-!! i love new sources of inspiration, and i've found one here.
your work wows me girl!

karen cole

It's always so wonderful getting together with kindred spirits and having a creative frenzy.

Great piece.

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