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Stephanie Brockway

These are fabulous! I'm sorry I'm missing Artfest this year, or I'd be bringing them home with me.
Steph b


Oh your forest puppet is soo wonderful!

Judy Wise

How delightful; I love the pattern in the cat and the faces and the felted fabric and the twirly tail and, and, ...yummy!

Laura Miller

You know, I think I've seen these two girls running around in our forest! Must be their Calif. cousins. I like them both, but that spring puppet is my favorite. Glad you are feeling better.


Dear Katie, Your dolls made me smile today. A smile from deep inside that I really needed. Thank you so much for sharing these. Hope you are continuing to mend. xo, Fran

Angie Platten

WoooHoooo! Whoa baby, you are BACK! LOVE these! And the little cat critter is so freakin' cool! LOVE it!

Miz Carla

Hey honey!
I hope you are feeling better and able to get things ready for Artfest.

I love the new designs!



katie, the arms filled with sticks are ingenious! so very YOU! glad to see that you are in the swing of things - (my stomach just fluttered thinking about what lies ahead) - xxxx

Tara Ross

these are fabulous, I love the mouth off to the side.

Journal being mailed out tomorrow. :)

kelly snelling

clap! clap! clap! your joy is showing! love these two. they are happy super pretty lively lovely critters!


Dear, dear, Katie...
your art continues to amaze and inspire. LOVE both of these new creations!

Cheryl Prater

Katie: I have been such a bad blog friend, lurking about, admiring, thinking of you but not commenting. Bad Cheryl. Bad!

I love your new softies, really wonderful. I hope I get to stop by and hug you when you're in NC. Love to you and yours. xoxox cp


These are MY kind of forest inspired creatures. Love! Love! ArtFest...a week away and I am SO not ready. ack!!


oooo...I love these. I wish I could be at artfest this year. I am counting down until my youngest is old enough for me to be away for that long. My artist self can't wait. Glad you are feeling better. Love your work.


Hi, I am LOVING your softies! Can't wait to see your gallery piece in person at ArtFest!
from a newbie, lulu


LOVE, love, love you new softies!!! truly wonderful and so full of your creative spirit!!! see you soon!

Deirdra Doan

Joyous little things, Thank you for posting them...Happy Spring..LOL Deirdra



I love this softie! She makes me smile. Curly tail and all....

You are ingenious!


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