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Jen Crossley

I love river rocks they are just so beautiful.I love your blog and your work is just amazing

Sharon at Norah'S

A wonderful post. I can feel your contentment at the shore.

misty mawn

how i wish i could be right there, with the river, the rocks, the sunlight, and you! oxoxo

Catherine Witherell

I love the water too! Tell Misty to move over.

Thanks for visiting me and oohing over my bezels and chain. I have never worked this hard! I sure hope I get it all done. Well, actually I know that I'll get done what I do and then life and work will go on. I am so exited, and a little testy too. No one here at home is on my track. I try to slow down when the kids come home. I'm looking forward to vendor night and setting up and being in that big room with all the artists. See you there!

P.S. This Sunday we will be the same age.

Paula Bogdan

Everything about this post was lovely...the poem, the picture, and your words. It brought some much needed peace to my day.


Sweet Katie...that whole post was a poem. :) The photo, too.

Almost makes me miss springtime when the snowmelt rushes into the stream by my house...but you know how much I love the snow.

So perfect. :)

kelly snelling

your words took me right back to my grandmother's creek. thank you for lifting my spirits as i heard yours singing, sweet katie.


that sounds like heaven, Katie. how wonderful to have a place nearby that you can just *be*

life is sweet indeed!

Laura Miller

Sigh. That's all, just a long, lovely, contented sigh.

Pam Aries

I a menvisioning myself..right thaere...by your river..I can hear it...see it...! Congratulations on your trip/class to Italy! WOW..Zow ! What an incredible journey that will be!

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