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Kim H

Oooo I love that!

Shari Beaubien

This is wonderful, Katie... It sort of has a Van Gogh feel to it. You know, like when he painted his bedroom? I love it. Hugs, Shari


oh. oh. oh. i just love this one so much. that little bird all tucked in. oh. it just slays me. i am so happy to see your new pieces each day. what a gift!


LOVE this! Makes me wanna be that little bird in bed. The new pieces below are wonderful too! Happy Sunday!


i want to be that little birdie in bed, too...oh so sweet! xoxo


This is piece is so magical, love it :)

judy wilkenfeld

Yes indeed this piece is so magical - love the girl peeking in the window and that birdie - how did you eve think of this - it should be made into a book - now that gives me an idea.....

Linda O'Neill

This is so cool, Katie...I love the snugglebug crow in the bed...and the face peering out the window.

Maija Lepore

Your work is amazing and continues to take my breath away!

liz elayne

as soon as i saw this i thought, oh i want to peek in on that bird and see what else he is up to after his nap...and then i saw the face in the window and had to smile...

love this.


I love how the little girl is peeping in.


Could you please move the bird a little bit so I can get into bed?

I want to live there, I will bring my own blanket and my own butterflies, some stars and a jar of homemade marmalade, a pair of Chinese silk sleepers for the bird and one for me. I won't make any noise or try to sing off key and I will make the bed when I get up. Now say yes, please?


This is so whimsical and sweet. Great texture in the painting too.

Laura Miller

I like this very much. Sweet with a wee hinting at dark, to my twisted mind.

alex s

sweetness! Wish I could bundle under the covers with the little forest dweller. Does he have an extra pillow? :-)

Counting the minutes until I see you.



Oh Katie...this should be a story for your sweet cherub girls...and what soft magic it would be to have such a sleeping place in the forest.

I hope you are feeling much better. Seems like the dratted flu has gotten a hold of so many people this season. Take good care of yourself...thinking of you...


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