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Oh how cute are these. Love the fish! Stop over to my blog and see my art journal. Leave a comment
nancyes art and beautiful junk

liz elayne

oh my goodness katie - that fish! THAT FISH! i love it love it love it! hope i get to see it in person next week...
and i can't wait to see you in person too...but that goes without saying i think. :)

alex s


These are FANTABULOUS!! The gallery pieces are ...to die for... I have to have one.. credit card debt *and murder by the hands of DH* be damned. :-)



Have a wonderful time at Artfest Katie...the new dollies in all their glorious shapes and sizes are wonderful.

kelly rae

seriously, katie. i am LOVING all of these recent stuffies! can't wait to show my mom (who's coming to artfest wtih me!) all your goodies. she will LOVE!
see you soon...


Always brings out the little girl in me...


cynthia korzekwa


Linda O'Neill

Oh my god, Katie...I LOVE these! You know, that's what first drew me to you...your softie dolls. I just think they're amazing. Put some up on Etsy...please please please?!

Carla Sonheim

Love these creatures, Katie! VERY cool!

Mary Ann

Katie love,
these fabric dolls are the most clever sublimely fabulous dolls/softies i have ever seen. ever. period.
damnit! i DIG them v.v.v. much!


Getting fishy I see! (: These are wonderful! Happy Sunday KK!


What fun! The fish is my favourite. Love it!

Susan Tuttle

Oh Katie! - I am adoring your softies - your ideas are always so fresh and creative, and your style is so special and uniquely yours.



how cute are these???..i have missed you...r


my dear friend yvonne was in your class, and said the students produced the most amazing things, and here they all are...thank you for posting, these are absolutely amazing.............i had the great gift of being in nina's class, and also had to post in 3 phases. it's hard to pick from 200 pictures.

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