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Laura Miller

Your paintings have such sense of mystery to them. They get me thinking and feeling. The paint scraps look like a windy swirl of falling leaves.


It was fun reading about the process. I would love to see your paintings in person and admire their layers, texture and intensity.

kelly snelling

i think the arduous task was surely worth the effort. it is a great piece. that sixth finger had me wondering about that girl. what's she up to out there in the woods? your play day sounds awesome. i'm here eating candy and popcorn (we won a big raffle basket at baseball) with the kids, listening to music, making jewelry while sitting in the floor and working on hand-shaped pages at the table. so i feel like i'm playing along with you today.


i love that you used paint scraps in this piece, i never would have thought of that, nor would i have been able to pull it off so beautifully, like you did...as always your art takes me to another place, a place i love to be. thank you.
creating art is such a gift...being able to shut out the negative things bothering us, or maybe it allows us to transform the negative into positive, regardless...i am grateful for it. and it makes me happy to know you are in your studio, creating and playing and eating chocolate... ;-)
much love. xo


hi katie~ i've been playing with plaster and encaustic too! Fun stuff.
Good luck with getting everything done for artfest!


I love the way you've added your paint scraps into the background Katie, that's really creative recycling.
Great painting.

karen cole

Great painting, Katie. Really interesting process. Layering is always fun....scrape, scrape, scrape.

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