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misty mawn

oh Katie,
sorry to hear you had a tough day...I hope there is balance with a beautiful day coming to you soon. although it sounds like you already have it all in balance.
you are a light, a bright and shinning beautiful light that brings so much warmth to all that you shine on. i feel it all the way here everytime i think of you. xoxo

Sharon at Norah'S

First the picture you paint in my minds eye of pebbles dropping in patterns. Different each time. Well, it is beautiful and I can see the hand. Such a beautiful metaphor that will last me all day. I may not be able to erase it. Not that I want to.
I too am a problem solver...always. Because of a problem I couln't solve, I had to learn that I don't have to. And I say over and over and over again, "I'm OK with this..."
And I paint.

Judy Wise

I've been thinking a lot about you. I am touched that you have a situation you cannot resolve (for now). Like you, I want to and wish there was a way I could help. Your calm resolution to sit with things as they are is a good one. Sending love.

Laura Miller

Oh sweet goddess, please know that you have blessed me with this post. I can so identify with these feelings. My daughter, Katydiddy, sent me here to read your words. She knows. Your metaphor brings peace and a picture for the ever ellusive "letting go."

Angie Platten

I'm sorry things are tough right now Katie. But gosh, it sure hasn't stopped the fabulous art from flowing! Love the piece on plaster! I'll have to try that! I'm working on a really big canvas right now and the hours into it are staggering. I'll finish it up next week though and I'll be so glad to finish. Now I need to go back to your kind of playing! This painting is totally draining me!

Karen Smithey

These words really resonated with me, as I, too, feel as though I need to 'fix' everything. The hard thing for me with my kids is realizing that they don't need me to fix things...

I've been going through an ugly patch with the school board, and this really came at the right time--thank you so much for sharing! Hope you can stay in that peaceful place...

Carolyn Warner

Thanks you Katie. I can so identify, I know just how to jump in the look at all the angles and start solving the problems, but, as you shared they are not mine to solve. I must love and trust. I loved the picture of the beautiful pepples that fall and make a different patter. And isn't every pattern beautiful in it's own way! Maybe even more beautiful than I saw the original arrangement.

Thanks for sharing.

liz elayne

i am so glad that you came to this page and shared these pieces of you.
your wisdom here and all the realizations of how you cannot fix everything for everyone...the ability to let go...there is much i can learn from you.

Joy Logan

I come by to see your latest creations. I am sorry you are going thru a bad time but know it will end and you have women online who can surely relate. I often feel if one person is sad all women feel it.

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