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susan greene

Even though the reason behind this piece is not good, it is a great work of art. I had it two weeks ago and your beautiful art piece illustrates the flu/cold bug perfectly.
I hope you start to get some relief TODAY.


oh, katie, the timing DOES suck - there is never a good time to be sick, i think, for folks like us. or for anyone, for that matter. your painting conveys your frustration and achiness very well! get well sooooon, and i will see you in just a couple of weeks (yikes!) xoxo

liz elayne

this painting does convey all those feelings...

i hope you start feeling better soon! like very, very, very soon! keep resting and taking care of you...

Judy Wise

How can such beautiful art come from such a twirly state of mind? It's all good (this life), even the rough parts. xo

Shari Beaubien

Oh my gosh, I'm SORRY you're sick, Katie! Take care of yourself, as it sounds you are doing. And for what it's worth, I think your "Sick-o" art gets your feelings across beautifully!! xoxo Shari


I was sick too. Flu, uncontrollable cough so bad it hurt my sides and neck,,, wheezing and then bronchitis. I was taking all kinds of nasty main stream medicines.
Then my yoga instructor told me to try this. Get some fresh garlic and sort of puree it or put it in one of the garlic smasher thingys. (I used about 3 cloves each foot) Then put the garlic on the bottom of both feet with Siran wrap around the feet to hold it in place. Keep it there as long as you can perhaps and hour or more.
I tried this and within a couple of hours I felt better. I did it two times yesterday and feel terrific today. The garlic moves up through your system and it is a natural antibiotic. Sounds crazy but it worked for me.

gina armfield

I lovvvve this piece - amazing what kind of art comes out of us when we are raw, stripped, and tired - the soul reveals itself - wonderful moving work

Laura Miller

You sure know how to get a message across. Babies and kids are just walking germ factories. God made them so cute and lovable so we don't tie them to a tree outside! Here's to feeling better soon.


hoping you are feeling much, much better.
if this is the kind of work you make when feeling icky...something good comes from feeling that way...this piece is so true.
and if you need to stomp on your art...do it...i think it will help take away some of those feelings... i know it would for me...then turn that stomp into a dance. ;-) much love to you. xooo

Linda O'Neill

Great piece, Katie...pretty much how I felt most of Jan/Feb. Sheesh! I especially like the term "Sicko Art". HA!

Hope you feel better, sweetie. Take care of yourself this weekend. xox

Pam Aries

Know what you mean about being sick..just got over it. Your art is awesome tho! It really is! I didn't do a damn bit of art for the past 2 weeks! Waaaaa!


Art isn't always beautiful...I have a lot of pieces that can attest to that (created even when I wasn't sick lol) but I think if it's soulful that counts for a lot. You have succeeded! Feel better. I have lots of kindergarten germs getting into the house of late. Thankfully, it's warming up so I can open the windows and air out! YAY Spring!


I find all of your pieces inspiring, but this one really gets at you - I think it's fabulous! I'm all for pretty things, but I often find the "darker" art more profound. I admire that you could create anything while ill, especially such a remarkable piece!


Let's hope Katie you transfered the germs to the canvas and you're feeling better soon. Great painting all the same.


This piece says it all - hope you are feeling better soon...



i hope you are feeling better now...i have missed so much lately...thank you for being so supportive...hugs and happy st. paddy's day...rebecca

karen cole

My heart started to beat faster when I saw the title of your post. Sometimes I just like that "alternative thing".

I'm not happy that YOU are sick, though...hope you feel better soon, however, I like what came out of the way you felt.

Let it all hang out, Katie!!


are you feeling better?

alex s

Thinking of you...hope your body has caught up to your sparking self and is behaving! Bodies are so often a reminder to slow down...especially when you feel you can't!

I'm glad you're taking some down time before the big event, even if you snuffle around while doing it! :-)



Katie, hope you're feeling better now...just love your new paintings...especially the "naptime in the forest"..so cozy and nurturing...just what you need. See you soon...sending healing thoughts your way!

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