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I'm so glad your feeling better! Love this new piece of yours :)

Have fun at Art Fest!!


katie, honey - do you ever sell journal pages, lol?~ if so i'd want to buy it - seriously!!!!!
i'm so glad you are getting things done - i'm barely treading water myself. love to you, and see you soon - xoxo


such a sweet piece of art. i love the dear little scarf.
i am so happy you are feeling better...thank god! Can't wait to give you a great big hug...soon! ;-) xoox

Linda O'Neill

I love that, "with little clouds for roots". So glad you're feeling better, Katie.

Have a nice Easter!xox

karen cole

Love that eye, plus I'm a sucker for birds. :-)

Enjoy Artfest.


Glad your feeling better Katie. Love the journal page.
Have a wonderful time at Artfest.

Pam Aries

Dear Katie! It is GOOD t osee you are doing better! Love this lil' chickie. Happy Easter and see ya when ya geet back! Peace and Love!


Love the soft muted colors! Have a great Easter...glad your feeling better!

Jane Moore Houghton

Really enjoy your work!
Great to find another mixed m. artist out there trying to make it work and do everything else at the same time!
:-) keep up the good work!

www. janemhoughton.com/blog/


This, I believe, is my favourite ever.

Hope you are much, much better...this painting is so bright.

Love you...xo

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