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Tamara C.

Hello! I'm a long time lurker and admirer of your art. :) I love the new pieces you have done and am looking forward to seeing the completed pieces.

I met Susan Wooldridge at a poetry class at our local library and just fell in love with her. Isn't she such a bright spirit?! I highly reccommend taking one of her classes if you ever can. She really opens up the floodgates of your writing spirit.

Have a wonderful week and thank you for always being such an inspiration to me!

Starlight Sprinkled Hugs, Tamara

Cindy In Carolina

Thanks for sharing!

Carla Sonheim

I really like that third drawing as well! AND, I LOVE ink!!


i love you dearly!
it was so very nice to see you and be near you.
june is a bright yellow ball of sunshine when ever i think about it. ;-) xxoooo

the pieces you made in Sas Colby's class are just wonderful...all you do is! take care and let's keep in touch often.
we should see if there is a way some how that Susan Wooldridge could teach a class for all the teachers before a retreat...wouldn't that be a wonderful way to start any retreat...i would love that!


You look so happy! *sigh... how beautiful...




You are the sweetest person, and I am honored that you chose my ittle guy. Your fed ex box arrived safe and sound today, BTW. :>

julie collings

dear katie,
thank you for your beautiful painting, it is amazing to have a little piece of your loveliness hanging in my studio. i am so thrilled!
i have enjoyed so much reading through your posts on artfest. your booth at vendors night was really quite spectacular. happy spring wishes, julie


Your drawings are fabulous!

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