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kelly snelling

what a beautiful peaceful bit of the world! i hope your muscle is healing well. xo-k


Hi Katie,

I meant to post the other day that I truly enjoyed the photos along the river. Did you *really* find that rock with the heart already engraved? The rainbow tree and that last shot of the greenish heart shaped rock on the bark were magical. I hope your leg heals soon.

Was nice to meet you for that brief moment at ArtFest w/ Alex. Thanks for the invite to the dance. I was only a few minutes away from total exhaustion...but in a good way.


What a nice walk. Thank you for all the beauty. xo


Lovely! Does Walter really perch way up there???


yes, walter really does climb that giant cedar tree, he likes to sit up there. sometimes when there is a wind, the perch sways with the tree. even if i did have the upper arm and leg strength to get myself up and then back down the tree, i don't do heights well...initially we talked about building a tree house but quickly our visions were quite different. his idea of a tree house was a tiny room up near the top of the tree where the perch is, and i'm thinking near the bottom of the tree, wooden staircase that leads to it and someething along the line of a beautiful and rustic guest cabin that is surrounded by deck on all sides.


that was wonderful...ahhh, it sure was! How awesome it would be to have a river all to yourself like that.
i love walter's perch...it reminds me so much of my first tree house that I built all by myself, it was about five feet off the ground, but it felt hight to me then, ;-) I loved being in trees when i was a kid...
thinking of you! xoxo


Such sweetness... thank you for inviting me on this walk...



Maija Lepore

Thanks for the lovely stroll!!!

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