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what a great post, photos, (I especially love the one with Violet's back turned against the camera) such cuties,,,,,, your post made me laugh and made me sad, so sorry about your calf muscle. Heal fast!


There is nothing better than little kids in tutu's! Such joy!
Also love the first picture of the water, beautiful.


The ballet photos bring back so many memories for me....my daughter danced for almost 15 years and spend many many hours in a tutu and tights :)


What beautiful grand children! I love the dancing shots and your photo's of your wet river lands.Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your wonderful comments! Roxanne


Oh Katie...those ballerina photos are the sweetest photos ever! She is such a little darling... wish you could bring them with you in June so I could snuggle them up for a minute. ;-)
take care of yourself!
much love. oxoxo

alex s

Darling limpy! I hate that you hurt your leg again! I guess it is the wrong time to ask you to go dancing with me? :-)

Take care of you...please?

alex s

Those babies are GORGEOUS Katie! The unabashed exuberance is truly inspirational. I want to be just like them when I grow up.


Dropping by to catch up after my trip to Oz...your grandbabies are so adorable..hope the leg heals soon!

deb trotter

What a bundle of joy in this post! (well, aside from your re-injury! Ugh!) Do you know how much your little grandchildren look like you ???? The resemblance is uncanny! Isn't it nice to be reborn?


Little ballerinas...smile makers. The photograph entitled Deep Shadows...stunning. Your photography is rich.

xo Rella

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