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It looks like everyone had a ton of fun! I LOVE these art pieces!! You did have great students!! WOW-what amazing artists!


Ditto with sparklers!


Wow! Every collage is beautiful and really moving. Thanks for sharing Katie and I think I need to make a trip to Portland next month.... :)

karen cole


I am in awe. You must be one hell of a teacher.

I am green, all shades, with envy.

kelly rae

when i saw some of these at show and tell, i was so blown away. i am SO taking this class with you. wow!
it was so good to see your joyous self again this year. you are such a treasure. see you in october!

Sharon at Norah'S

Truly amazing beautiful works.


These are all so beautiful, and each is so different! I look forward to taking a class from you someday soon!

I loved meeting you at ArtFest!



Wow what an amazing collection! I so wish I could go, but it's a bit far from the UK!


Wow what an amazing collection! I so wish I could go, but it's a bit far from the UK!


Wonderful stuff...I am so wishing there was an artfest in Florida...if I plan one will you and Judy and all the other blogs I stalk come? I love the faces! Thank you for sharing them.

Kimberly Carney

those images are soooooo stunning. !


Well, Katie, I can see why you're a proud mama! These are fantastic! I'm not surprised. You're such a giving and warm instructor. Bless you!

kelly snelling

these are absolutely breathtaking! i'm so happy for you to have had such a wonderful experience. i am sure your students were so excited to learn from you.


one hell of a teacher indeed! these are just amazing, all of them! and you were a little worried... ;-) xxoxooxox

Mary Ann

100% gorgeous and unique. each and every one. i too would be bursting with pride to see all those luscious collaged faces your students turned out.


Wow--I agree with everyone else, such amazing and unique pieces. It's so interesting to see how everyone interprets a process and makes it their own. Fabulous class and wonderful teacher!

deb trotter

Oh, Katie! These faces are wonderful! I would kill to have explored this with you - it is so perfectly obvious that you have a talent for teaching (not to mention your artistic talent, of course). I am glad AF was another wonderful experience for you.

Cheers, kiddo.


Sue Pieper

Wow! The art is absolutely amazing! As if I wasn't anxious enough to take your class this fall, now I really can hardly wait!


Fabulous work by your students Katie, you must be a wonderful teacher.

Carla Sonheim

Each and every one has so much personality. You are a VERY good teacher!!

candice Elton

These collaged faces are amazing. What a wonderful class you taught....It was so fun meeting you and admiring all of your lovlyness.

Catherine Witherell

These are wonderful and beautiful! Katie it is awesome how you got everyone to do such work.


Julia Rose

Absolutely love these collage faces...So Striking every one of them in their own way are'nt they?...
I have been painting faces, but now I think I will try one, to see what effect they have on opening up my creativity?????....just wish I could attend one of your classes...


I was browsing through your blog and found these! What incredible faces! You must be a great teacher! Roxann

Tammy Vitale

found you through Sue at Artful Adventures and had to give these wonderful creations and you a shout out on my blog today (June 3) - these are absolutely amazing!


Hi Kate, I come from Tammy Vitale, and love your mixed media faces, so expressive!


I love them all - such character coming from each one - beautiful work!

xox - eb.

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