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Linda O'Neill

That should be an amazing time for all of you. Can't wait to read what you write about it, Katie.

I was just browsing through some of your Artfest posts...really beautiful work by everyone!


this makes me so happy...go and have the best time, i know you will. xooox

Elisabeth Augusta

How lovely this is. I am so happy for you, that you will have this experience. Love xxx


luckeeeeeeeeeeeeee! oh how i would have loved to be there. another time, another place. i love you, katie - xx

Judy Wise

Waves of compassion, a family together in love and mutual admiration, learning to walk the path of learning together. Perfect.

kelly snelling

i think you are right about this sort of crowd. people who are attuned to peace will be in attendance. that will be a worthy crowd to bump against. i wish you so much...a powerful spirit of love and renewal for you and your entire family. many blessings of joy, katie.


excellent. i would love to be there too. will be watching all that is shown on our local channels. a snippet last night had him mentioning the need for more female leadership.

judy wilkenfeld

wow, sounds amazing katie - hope it is everything you dream it will be.


Hi Katie,
I was fortunate to see him in the panel discussion on Friday. You can see the brochure on my blog. It was lovely to be so close to him. We had very good seats.


oh katie...how divine! literally!
soak it all in to that sweet and giving soul of yours. mmmmmm!

heather hughes

I am so glad we all got to go to hear him speak! Oh and you spelled Lilyanne's name wrong...it's only got one (L) :D


Such a wonderful opportunity! I felt lifted just be being in Seattle at the same time as the conference. Is that weird or silly? Maybe, but it gave me hope that the seeds of compassion will grow.

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