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jane powell

Dear Katie
Seeing the pictures that you take on your walk inspires me to do the same. You know that I have all these paths that wind through the forest on my property and i never think to snap a pic of all the beauty that surrounds me. I know that the lady slippers are blooming right now and I need to go see that as it happens for just a short time and then"poof" they're gone.
thank you so much for showing me what can be.
I will see you in a few short weeks here in Saluda.
Jane at Random Arts


Oh so glad you shared your walk with us today. It is so lovely . Glad you had a moment to slow down and enjoy a little walk, but hear this with my "mama" voice...do be careful walking in the woods. Lovely as it is you need to let that leg heal. xoxo

Judy Wise

So glad you've gotten out into the green and living world which gives us such animal pleasure and takes us out of our habitual patterns. I hope today your heavy will lighten; you have so much love to lift you from everyone who knows you.

sue pieper

There's nothing to say except for absolutely beautiful, you live in paradise!


It's been a delight to find you. Thanks for stopping by my blog...

I think I'm going to "steal" the Khalil Gibran poem from your blogspot blog and post it on mine...I'll cite you...

this walk in the woods is beautiful---we live in a forested area too.


Oh the dandelion, the dandelion!!! And the rest is perfect as well. What gorgeous photos of our gorgeous old world. Have at it, Katie! I think of you often and hope becomes wonder-full.


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