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angelica escalera

thank you for the gift of John Lennon, i saved it for my mom for Mother's Day, a big fan of the Beatles. Will you tell me how to put a video on a blog from You Tube?

kari & kijsa


kari & kijsa

Judy Wise

Oh, I've never heard that song before and I love it so much. You've taught me many things. If only you could teach me to let it go. My spring in wound so tight and it hurts me.


that pink Katie.... it is sooooo girlie and beautiful.
I so LONG to attend a Katie Kendrick class!


it's always one of the hardest parts after such a wonderful time for me...translating it into words... i find that i am so full and tangled with words unspoken, but thankfully we have paint to speak our words and you do that so very beautifully!
these photos are enough to satisy and that song....oh, how i love that song.
and again...i cannot even begin to put into words how excited i am to get to have you HERE...SOON!
much love. i miss you. xoxo

maria little

Thank you Katie for an instructive and soulful lesson at Innerstandings. maria


Your photographs are very lovely, you must have had a wonderful workshop with your students. The pictures speak for you...Roxanne

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