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Hi Kathy,
Thanks for this post. I hope whatever help they get will be allowed by the authorities.
I hope you feel better and also wish you a Happy Mother's Day! Knowing you I am sure it will be an amazing day with your family.
I still cherish the lovely doll you gave me at Artfest!

Susan Tuttle

Oh, Katie..I am so sorry to hear about your injury - that sounds so painful. I am sending you lots of warm thoughts for quick healing.

Thank you for this link to the donation site - if we each give a little, raindrops can make oceans.

Thank you for your sweet, heartfelt comments - I always enjoy a visit from you.



I love what Susan worte about raindrops making oceans...I need to look into the link you shared and find out more. I am ashamed to say I just don't know anything. I think I've been living in a bubble lately...

And you, my dear Katie...what a time! We need to wrap YOU in a bubble...but only of love...you can't be held back from anything, I'm certain. Heal well...plenty of rest and time just for you...

xo Love to you...

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