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So true! One of my greatest joys happens to be our "cookie jar" to KIVA every month. Barry and I sit once a month and donate a certain amount to KIVA that would otherwise be spent buying things we don't really need or that we can do without. Such small thing, such a big gift to ourselves.

Do you realize that you just helped many a human being by sharing this? It is truly so darn simple one cannot help but to wonder why we just don't do it more often.

It used to be so easy to smile at strangers...I still do, I always will. Lately most people pretend not to notice my smile. They look away, or they look startled and that makes me sad. But it won't make me stop smiling.

As the two magical creatures in your photo made me smile, just by being there. They are as sweet as fresh strawberries, aren't they? and so are you, gentle soul.


Look at those beauties!

Thank you for the link...how wonderful to be reminded! And YOU WERE IN COLORADO! I was supposed to be there last weekend, in Boulder visiting my son...but things didn't work out, could not get off of work...so I'm bringing him here in two weeks :D

I love Red Rocks...have you ever seen a concert there??? Amazing.

Your children/grandchildren are so incredibly beautiful. Like their mama. I loved your photos of the walk in the woods, too, and the fingerpainting session! makes me want to strip down to my undies and take tempera paints out into the woods ;)

Hoep you are well sweet Katie...xo

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