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are you in WNC? I am...I thought of that when I was looking at your forest pics...

Judy Wise

Your photographs are phenomenal; the ones of the primates move me tremendously. I am sure they are thoughtful and rightly judging us to be utter savages. I was at that same zoo a number of years ago when the star attraction was an albino alligator if I remember correctly. And Brody. Look at him grinning happily into the camera. What a lovely visit it must have been. xo

Maija Lepore

Your zoo photos are so special- up close and personal. Gorgeous!

kelly snelling

i'm so happy that you all found a dress so quickly. and you got to see such majestic animals. lovely photos, katie. i hope your leg is healing nicely. speedy health and much joyful wishes to you, friend!


I especially like the elephant photo. Such soul.


digital is the best.... it gives us such freedom to just snap away without fear of "failure". I jumped out of the car this evening to take sunset shots and noticed how many people had stopped to do the same. It's lovely and by posting them on our blogs, we are sharing such intimate and special moments with our "friends". Your zoo shots are great Katie. I too struggle with the concept of cages but have learnt to get around it by convincing myself that zoos are a place of education and at least the guys behind the cage walls are helping us to learn more about them so that we can better care for them.
my favourite is the "pussy cat" paw, and the elephant, and the giraffes, and the posts holding up the hut, and the, and...... they are all divine! xoxoxo


your photos are amazing, those eyes in the 3rd photo, my god they are so soulful.
so glad to hear you had a wonderful time...can't wait to see photos of the dress. ;-)
much love dear Katie...how many days 'til you leave? xoxoxo

Carla Sonheim

Lovely and wonderful zoo photos! Especially the elephant...


Wonderful pictures Katie and I'm so glad you found the perfect dress... all smooth sailing from that point on!xoxo


Your photographs of the animals are great, I especially love the elephant,(so wise and beautifully wrinkled) Your vacation must have been wonderful! Roxanne

karen cole

Add wildlife photographer to your list of accomplishments!!! WOW.

Thank you for your lovely comments, Katie.

BTW.....when I link back to you from my blog, it takes me to your old blogger site. Are you really much happier with Typepad?


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Wonderful wonderful photos of a wonderful place and time...


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