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maria little

Joyous, joyous, lovely, lovely.

Judy Wise

Those children look like their Meema! (cute as buttons)

Thinking of you every day. We'll have adventures to share if we ever slow down. Life is surely sweet. xo

Shari Beaubien

Congratulations on finishing that submission, Katie! Cross that off the list with gusto. And as for the rest?... Do just as you said, one at a time. Love the journal pages and the photos of those grandkids. Oh my, that pic. with the red paint is PRICELESS! Hugs, Shari

kelly snelling

oh my! these pictures are all so fabulous! your shadow on the blossoms, your new artwork (!!), the babies (oh the red paint!!). they all are so lovely and give me much happy smiles. xo-k


"green eggs and ham, Sammiam,
would you eat them in a train? would you eat them in the rain???"

It was the first book I learnt to read, ahhhh that Sammiam!!!

I can smell the apple blossoms from way over here and feel like I'm sitting out there on the deck with you listening to your world while you breathe. Thank you, I needed some slow breathing after my busy, busy weekend....

Oh, and that Misty.... oh my goodness - my soul has just been topped up by her. I miss her already. Please give her a hug from me and make her smile.
xoxo Samm

sue pieper

Katie, that last photo is just precious! You should frame that one!

Maija Lepore

I love those photos of you with your beautiful grandbabies!


The last picture, the "ruffle bum" as I call it, made me laugh and smile. I love that about little girls and just so so cute!


Katie, those photos of the kids are scrumptious. And I love love love the artwork... there's a certain Chagallness to you. (Is that a word? It is now!)

Good going!

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