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One of these days I will fly to Portland to take a journaling class from you. Every page always tells so much. xo



I'll be there for both classes and I can't wait!



Do you ever do any online classes? Wishfully thinking...


Sounds dreamy...especially the journal pages. I wonder why I don't make art more often. Just bite the bullet and invest in supplies and make a space that is always messy and ready for creating. I think I tell myself too often that "You are a writer, you need to write" but it's so important to extend our wings, yes? I dream about being somewhere cozy and making art with and Misty one day soon...


oh, believe me if it were only a matter of packing up my car I would SO be there!

Hope it is wonderful!!


Have a fabulous workshop Katie, the journaling sounds like a great class. Maybe one day I'll get there.


Have a wonderful week and I know you will get inspired! Roxanne

Mary Ann

katie - i've just relished the last few weeks of entries i've missed. i savored each and ever word, each journal page filled with life & soul, LOVED seeing walter's perch, and the ancient horsetails, your beautiful rich riverland, and grandbabies.
sending you good healing calf thoughts.


Linda O'Neill

Beautiful piece, Katie. Hope you had a great time at the workshop! xo

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