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This page is especially striking. Love it :) Thanks for sharing!

Kim H

Wow Kate-- I LOVE these! They're gorgeous!!


I love it!!!!!

Sharon at Norah'S

If there was ever a painting that I needed to see in real life...it is this one. I can only imagine the fun this brought as you were surely immersed in the painting of the painting. I want to immerse that way and think I shall try it.

Shari Beaubien

I love these latest works, Katie. Your art always has such a sense of mystery to it that beckons the viewer in.... It's marvelous! Hugs, Shari

Judy Wise

Yes, katie, there's a hole in the sky and the best ideas pour down through it into your head, I swear. Just phenomenal.

Kim Rae Nugent

Hi Katie,
Just stopping by for a visit. I love this collage! Thank you for sharing! Actually I had seen it a couple days earlier and I wanted to come back to look at it again.
Warm regards,


Wonderful pages Katie, they speak volumes!


Journal page??? Looks more like a FANTASTIC painting to me! (:
God, I just love your work!
Happy Tuesday KK.


Beautiful! There's just so much there. I'd love to see this up close.


sooooooooooo COOOOOOOoooooooool!!

Sue Pieper

Stunning! You are bringing your journals to Valley Ridge, aren't you so we can all see & touch these beauties? That is, unless there's personal stuff in there.


thanks everybody, for your lovely comments. i'm afraid i'm not able to write everyone individually but know that i appreciate your visits and comments so much.

yes, will bring my journals to Valley Ridge, Sue - i don't have anything to hide :-)

maria little

I've been looking at many mixed media images and this one is far and above my FAVORITE ! touches me somewhere!

Linda O'Neill

This is so cool, Katie! I love that mysterious tree!


I can't get past the title... I LOVE it! I want to write a story about it...one day I should have you illustrate one of my poems....

So incredible, magical, colourful! The imagery is so interesting.


Judy Wilkenfeld

Ooooh - would love to see this one irl. Looks stupendous.


What a haunting and mysterious painting! thanks for sharing. Roxanne

Dayna Collins

Katie, what a lucious, delicious page. It is gorgeous! Dayna

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