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No wonder you are so creative - your pictures and your story just had me lost like in a good book or movie - you would be so much fun to hang with!!I enjoy your blog soooo much.

Judy Wise

Thank you for bringing the rest of us along on your excellent adventure. You are surely the dearest friend to share yourself with so many of us; that isn't even mentioning what a gifted teacher and evolved person you are. I hope those sweet memories keep your work inspired for a long time.

Judy Wise

p.s. The faces are awesome. Keep going!!


i just love these "new" faces Katie... they are beautiful.


I've had a hard time adjusting to living here...reading about your experiences here and seeing the pictures of my adopted land through your eyes helped me feel a sense of contentment in my new home.

I think if I had visitors more often that I could show off all the beauty around here I would appreciate it more.

I'm glad you had such a nice time.

Carol Sloan

The most beautiful thing there was you...your creative spirit, Katie, just shines through in everything that you do. Thank you for sharing with us! I can't wait until next year to visit with you again.

Mary Beth

Beautiful photos, such inspired scenery - what a lovely trip! Your new work is terrific - I enjoy seeing the faces, the depth of expression you have obtained.


thank you for sharing with us your wonderful adventure. You are so lucky to be able to travel and see places and friends. I love to read about your travels and especially loved/ the doggie cheese story!


aawwww, these new faces are BEAUTIES!!!!
i love that dark hair and eyes and those red lips...lucious, lol

Bipolar Welllness Writer

What a great essay. I have heard that North Carolina has a fertile arts and crafts movement, but how delightful to read about it first-hand. And how nice for you that you've met so many supportive and talented people.



Glad to see to had a good time. I take it that Aspen got to eat the brie cheese.


What a journey you've had recently with such wonderfully talented and soulful friends. I'm sure they enjoyed the inspiration you brought with your presence as well...how could they not. :)

Mary Ann


thanks for that journey to what may as well be the other side of the world, for us in the WEST. so different! so lush and beautiful!


kelly snelling

Beutiful! i lvoe this new painting. oy i can't type. i am excited to see your new ones when they come. xo-k

miz katie

I have a recipe for those Oreo cookies, if you'd like it. They are sooo good and chewy. Yum!


*sigh* Oh what a wonderful adventure you had, I envy your ability to go and be with the road and others so kind! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful adventure with us. Your artwork is amazing. I found you through Misty Mawn's site and will now bookmark yours as well. I am off to check out the class albums, I'm sure they will be fun and inspirational as well!
Blessed Be,
Teresa aka Tess


thank you so much for coming here and sharing yourself with us...i am so glad you did!
i love, love, love all of your photos you shared here...and loving your latest paintings...i am off to paint myself.
sending you much love dear katie. can't wait until you come back again...so i hope. ;-)

Judy Wilkenfeld

An amzingly insightful and wonderful post - I loved travelling along your journey if only by blog.

Carol Sloan

I was reading this again and just have to add a couple of things...1.I love you
1A. I love your paintings
2. I love Jane
2A. I love Jane's paintings.
3. North Carolina loves you.
3A. I love North Carolina.
4. Paint a Beautiful Woman with blue/gray/amber eyes and brown/white/red/black/blond hair...oh, one that loves Katie, ok?
callie (now you are in The Club...the Club that can call me by my nick name...only Special People get in This Club!

S for Kitchen Confit

I occasionally make it through North Carolina, and have heard good things about the Purple Onion Cafe in Saluda. I'll have to also try the Saluda Grade Cafe.

Beautiful pictures!

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