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great faces!! id love these faces in resin for earrings or a pendant!!!


These faces are wonderful! The second one has a snappy personality!! She can come to my house anytime!

Carol Sloan

They are as beautiful as thier maker. Love the emotion , thier striking eyes.


still loving these Katie. The second little miss made me chuckle out loud.... i think i went to school with her - she got into HEAPS of trouble!!!

Bipolar Welllness Writer

I just love your art! My husband is a painter as well. He primarily does plein air painting, but has just started a figure drawing class. I must admit that I'm always so pleased when I love the work of people I love (and like).



I'd like one for my wall!! There is lots of art I admire, but little I actually want to hang on my wall!!

Love to see what you're doing!
thanks for sharing.

Cheryl Prater

Katie: so bummed I missed out on your class this year. I have to wait till next year now! I will console myself with your wonderful paintings and count the days.

xoxoxo cher

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