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Kim H

WOW this is gorgeous! I wish I was taking your class! Have a safe trip :)


What a lovely doll! I am kind of hoping that the door on the house can open and that there will be a little treasure behind it .... !


ooooooo, good idea about the door opening! a little sewn on door patch that is a flap? lol, one more thing to do.
listen, honey, you are more than welcome to post while you are here - that is, if you can stand the slow connection. or, we could go down to the underground cafe for iced chai, lunch, and posting?
looking forward to your visit - take deep breaths - get rest - xo


i just thought i'd remind you to bring your camera connection for the computer - x


I love her. I really like her facial features. My dolls have gotten bigger too. hmmm....
good luck on your trip.

jane powell

This reminds me of the floppy earred goats at the Carl Sandburg house here in Flat Rock, NC.


in just ONE week you will be HERE!!! YAY! i cannot wait! Safe travels and all of the best... so excited i can hardly stand it...get here soon, but have the best time before then! xoxoxo


i was so excited i forgot to tell you how i love that doll...so sweet! i was showing my friend here today the little doll you made that i keep in the car with me...she just loved it so much, too. xo

kelly snelling

she is so beautiful! have a wonderful trip! safe travels and many blessings to you.


she is gorgeous...I wish I could take your class...which is pretty much conceivable since I'm here, but I don't have a bit of artist in me...

enjoy NC it's beautiful at this time of year!

Bipolar Wellness Writer

I'm a professional writer so I strongly feel I should be able to say something more than "Wow," but that's how I feel! It's just beautiful!


Judy Wise

She is lovely. Her face is so intriguing, so beautiful. Godspeed.

Megan Potter

She is truly lovely!

I wonder if the size has to do with confidence? I always make little watercolor paintings (I use the excuse that the paper is expensive) because big ones are scary. I'm starting to force myself to get bigger and bigger and find it requires a mini-inner pep talk...

Maybe your dolls are bigger because you don't need the pep talk any more?

Laura Bray

Your doll is amazing! Is there any end to your talents? Have a good trip!


Look at those eyes! Is she trying to understand the magic that surrounds her? She is delicate and strong at the same time. Her hair makes me think me of one of the Mothers at The Sacred Heart who used to teach math there-maybe the fact that they still used habits those days? -her toque was black and she always, always, carried a book with her.

We used to say it was her home, that book, she lived inside herself like your magical doll. They are growing up, your dolls, aren't they?

There is something about them that is half revealed and half hidden, like all magical things: that which is hidden is not always occult. And you, my dear, have found the key. Have a blessed and safe trip. Bring back with you the joy of having shared your art and talent with others, and above all, have fun!



Simply beautiful. I love how your work is becoming so powerful yet sensitive and delicate.

Susan Tuttle

Hi Katie,
Awww - she is a beauty! Have a marvelous time.



I have been visiting often because your work is so enticing and hauntingly beautiful. I've missed your post but know you're having a good class. I'm taking a class with Mary Ann Beckwith. You may know her since you're also a famous teacher of mixed media. Anyway, thanks for the inspiring art.


she is just beautiful.....

alex s

She has your eyes. I wonder if she can see how beautiful her creator is?


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