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Oh my. This is so powerful and gorgeous. Thank you!


This is much better than completing a to-do list. I love the depth of colors.

kelly snelling

yes. i see what you mean. i think it is the white on the face. that reminds me of her a bit. but if you hadn't mentioned it i would have thought it all you, you, you. it's quite lovely, to be certain. welcome home!


Oh my! This is so soulful and penetrating! Her eyes seem to be focused both inward and outward... really mesmerizing! I love the texture and colors of her skin. She's beautiful... and she is all yours, although as you said, perhaps you are channeling the energy you gathered spending time with another creative soul. It's amazing how that happens!


"what a relief, like a big exhale" I know that feeling!Lovely painting!


i love it, and i can see what you mean about a sense of me, but not sure what it is and it really is all YOU...very much so, but i feel connected to the piece somehow..but then again..i ALWAYS feel connected to your work.
it's a beautiful piece of art. let's see more...your to do list isn't going anywhere. ;-)
i miss you and adore you so very much. i hope you are having a wonderful evening. xo


its the eyes I think but as everyone else has already said, it's most definately yours!
there's something wise and beyond their years in Misty's eyes don't you think?
xoxo nice to have you home.... i've been missing your blog updates



Cinda Rae Oliverio

Whoa! I thought of Misty as soon as I saw it! It's the eyes I think too! A combination of Katie and Misty= SWEET!

Judy Wise

I love this beautifully painted face. Your work always intrigues me; it is cryptic and haunting.


mmmm....artwork I get. I love that. Your pieces really move me.


This is wonderful!!!!


wow.... I love it and your theory about it and your visit to Misty is so mystical......cool!!!

Mary Ann

oh katie this face is so evocative. like you're carving a real human out of the layers of paint. i love your more primitive storybook/dreamworld faces and now these are like those coming to life. becoming real!
both equally fascinating and soulful. you do know how to shapeshift the paint my dear.
talent in the purest form. i stand in wonder and salute you.

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